Audio #Law learners and #attorneys have given us a lot of positive feedback on this #podcast discussing Statutory Summary Suspensions of drivers accused of #DUI


In this podcast, I give my expert opinion as to “Why #Illinois DUI arrests and #DUI crashes are dropping?” Multiple factors account for this trend, including Low Police Morale, no more police department quota systems, indictments for false arrests, plus more…


Here is the latest podcast from #Illinois Case #Law about DUI Expert Witness recognizing errors and omissions in DUI cases. I received a lot of positive feedback about this podcast. I made several quick points about my observations in DUI cases that have come my way, it’s short and sweet. I believe its the best of the series.


Here is my first #Legal Talk Podcast with Attorney #Samuel Partida Jr.  This is the first podcast about my experience as a #DUI Expert Witness. Being my first podcast, I was not totally satisfied with it, because I was speaking too rapid fire, trying to get a lot of information out in a short period of time. Numerous attorneys and college students like it. It’s good for the information I put out but I will definitely slow down my pace on future podcasts. Check it out.


Here is my second #Podcast With #Legaltalk #attorney Samuel Partida, Jr.  This one is about  the #breathalyzer machines used during #DUI arrests. I was pleased with how this podcast turned out and so were many others who listened to it. This is one of the most downloaded podcasts of the #illinois Criminal Nuggets series. A very popular podcast.


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