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“Legal Eagles” is the talk radio program, that airs on Monday nights at 7pm (CST) on 1590 AM in Chicago, Illinois. It can also be streamed live at WCGO Legal Eagles or This program is hosted by William Pelarenos and features guests discussing different aspects of the criminal justice system, legal history, law enforcement tactics, consumer protection, fraudulent activity, internet scams, the penal system, educational resources, gun control and gun rights, conceal and carry laws, DUI laws, traffic violations, misdemeanor and felony laws and cases as well as drug and alcohol abuse. Use the link below to listen to past programs that are archived as podcasts.

The DUI Expert – William Pelarenos 



 Host:  William Pelarenos, who is a retired Police Officer, a “DUI Top Cop” during his career, a NHTSA trained State Certified Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor and State Certified Breathalyzer Operator. He is the author of the book “DUIs Decoded”, a DUI Seminar Speaker, and since retiring has been testifying in court as a DUI Expert Witness.
Show Concept: This television program discusses every aspect of D.U.I.’s, as there is much more to tell than the average person understands. There will be guests from various organizations and occupations as well as demonstrations of items such as breathalyzers. This program is a no-frills discussion with guests answering straight-forward answers to hard hitting questions regarding drunk driving, underage consumption of alcohol, zero tolerance, social drinking vs. alcoholism, binge drinking, alcohol and drug addiction, rehab and recovery, etc. Important facts about these issues that every parent should be aware of, especially the marketing of alcohol products and drug paraphernalia to our youth.

Guests on the show include: drug and alcohol counselors, defense attorneys and former prosecutors, community youth organizations, liquor commissioners, legislators, rehab and recovery professionals, etc.

Show Location and Duration: Program begin its second season on TLN, Total Living Network, broadcast on Xfinity Comcast Channel 138 at 1 p.m. on Thursdays for 12 weeks, beginning September 2016. TLN is an independent broadcaster that covers Illinois, the entire Chicago metro area and parts of Indiana and Michigan, broadcast to 1.9 million households. The program can also be seen at at 1 p.m. on Thursdays beginning this fall, September 2016. The first season’s 9 episodes are available on a 2 Disc DVD set for $29.95, includes free shipping. Contact us for purchase and delivery. Use contact information below.

Important Announcement:  We ran an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the filming of Season 2 of “The DUI Expert” which will focus on teen drug and alcohol abuse. The campaign has ended but its important message can still be viewed:



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