DUI’s Decoded

William Pelarenos is the author ofdui

“DUI’s Decoded: A compendium of Illinois DUI Law Enforcement.”

This comprehensive and concisely written volume creates a template for DUI enforcement and evaluation of DUI arrests for the police officer, the police supervisor, the breath analysis operator, the prosecutor, and the defense attorney. This book accompanies the DUI seminars of William Pelarenos, a retired police officer, a state-certified breath analysis operator, and a state-certified standardized field sobriety testing instructor. The seminars are based on police experience, certified training, and trial experience. During his twenty-six-year tenure with the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department, he made over nine hundred DUI arrests and testified in hundreds of cases including summary suspension hearings, bench trials, jury trials, grand jury testimony, and depositions. During the last five years of his career, he was part of a three-man Cook County–wide DUI enforcement unit that effected arrests throughout 21 townships, 132 suburbs, and the city of Chicago. He was called out to investigate DUI-related traffic crashes. He taught standardized field sobriety testing and DUI enforcement to hundreds of police officers from suburban police departments, Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department, Chicago Police Department, and state troopers from the Illinois State Police. William Pelarenos, during his career, was honored for his DUI enforcement by the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists, Cook County Crime Stoppers, Cook County Sheriff’s Police, Illinois Department of Transportation, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. He is currently holding DUI seminars across Cook County, Illinois, and this text is a compilation and summary of the procedures and issues that are discussed in the seminars. It includes the Illinois Administrative Code and the Illinois Vehicle Code and examples of felony complaints which is used as a reference and resource guide.

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