William Pelarenos is currently a D.U.I. expert witness. He is a retired Police Officer with over 26 years of police service, During a 30 year law enforcement career; he was part of a three officer county wide DUI enforcement unit for the Cook County Sheriff’s Police.  He is also a state certified standardized field sobriety test instructor.  He taught DUI enforcement / SFST Classes to hundreds of police officers from the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department., Suburban Police officers, and Illinois State Troopers.  During his law enforcement career, he was given awards for DUI enforcement by:

  • Cook County Crime Stoppers
  • Alliance Against intoxicated motorists
  • MADD (Mothers against drunk driving)
  • Illinois Department of Transportation

During his career he testified in hundreds of cases in all six court districts of Cook County, cases included.

  • Summary Suspension hearings
  • DUI Trials (Misdemeanors and Felony)
  • Motions to quash arrest
  • Felony Preliminary hearings
  • Civil Cases
  • Depositions

Now he has developed a DUI seminar for all police officers, Attorneys, Criminal Justice      Majors, Law students. This complete package Seminar is a 2 Disc DVD 4 hour accredited CLE for Illinois attorneys as well as seminar handouts can be purchased for $159 by contacting William Pelarenos at (708) 793-3980 or email:  bill@policeproject1.com 

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